Let’s talk about the second thing to help us bounce back from frequent rejection.


Let’s say you are frequenting lots of different social situations, and meeting many interesting women.

Your conversations are going well, but whenever the topic of seeing them again/going on a date/following up comes up…suddenly things turn sour.

“I have a boyfriend.”
“I’m busy next week” (with no other time given)
“I’ve gotta work, sorry.”

Of course, you could take things completely at face value…they might actually be extremely honest.

But if you find this is happening too frequently…the answer may lie elsewhere.

After all, the one common denominator in all of these interactions is YOU.

Many guys just leave an unsuccessful interaction and they focus solely on the result. They don’t bother focusing on the things that happened in order to arrive at that result.

If they did this, they could identify things that they could change and improve.

Asking ourselves questions can help us arrive at the information we need to start making better changes and decisions…so that next time, our results can be better.

The next time you’re rejected, ask yourself:

-How could I have presented myself differently?
-How could I make my conversation skills better?
-How can I improve my appearance and dress?
-Was everything I was doing on point…… and was SHE just acting awkward?

Taking the time to analyze conversations I was in and ask questions of myself helped me tremendously to work on ways to improve what I was doing.

If I hadn’t asked, I would be beating my head against the wall doing the same things, and ending up in the same place.

So next time you’re in a situation like this, ask yourself questions. You may be surprised to find some critical information that can help you along the way.

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