I always love hearing about what’s going on in people’s dating lives.

One common theme that I hear from clients isn’t necessarily the fact that they are getting rejected, but the fact that it’s happening with such regularity, to the point where they’re ready to give up.

I get it…I know how much it sucks. They feel like they’re doing what you think is right, yet nothing is happening for them.

How can we fix this? And how can we bounce back when it seems like nothing is going right in our dating lives?

In the next several posts…I’m going to outline several steps that we’ll need to go through to make the change. Starting with…


This may seem counterintuitive, because if we’re not getting the results we want, we tend to look at everything in a negative light, and shit on the whole situation.

In reality, there is good AND bad with most situations.

By being able to recognize what went right on a date or in an interaction, we can figure out what it is that’s actually working for us, and keep it up when we’re on future dates.

It also shows us that we’re not complete failures or losers, and that some of the things we do are actually having a positive effect on the people we’re interacting with.

In a way, focusing on the good helps us identify our strengths.

Think about dates or interactions that you’ve had recently. Maybe they didn’t lead to a second date or anything more….but what about those dates went right?

What were some of the positives that you both got from it?

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