I remember this great date I had.

We had a fantastic time….and she said she was looking forward to seeing me again.

I also remember watching a Youtube advice video around that time, telling me that I should wait several days before texting a girl back. It said:

“Texting too soon is needy behavior. You’ve got to show her that you’re a high value guy who’s got a lot of shit going on for him. Wait 2 days before texting again. Then set up the date.”

So 2 days later I texted.

and got nothing back.

I waited another day..

She responded back….

We talked for a bit, and when I brought up the subject of a second date, she said.

“Actually…this is awkward…but when I didn’t hear back from you the other night…I thought you lost interest. A couple of days ago, I actually decided to make it official with another guy I’ve been seeing.”

We exchanged a few more lines of text before wishing each other luck.

I was disappointed.

I had the chance to strike while the iron was hot, and I didn’t do it, all because of some “rule” that some random Youtuber thought was in my best interest.

But women, like men, are usually seeing more than one person when they’re dating casually. 

At any time during that process, they could decide to become exclusive with any of those guys….including you.

And women who have other options aren’t going to wait around for you.

It’s true….showing TOO MUCH interest can be a huge turn off……but showing TOO LITTLE can also cost you.

In this case, the girl thought I wasn’t interested…and it could have been for any number of reasons.

So how do we know what is too much and what is too little interest?

The questions you want to ask are: How did the date go? How much did you enjoy it? How much do you think she enjoyed it? Gauge things by how the date went….and reply accordingly.

If you felt that chemistry…there’s no shame in texting soon after to start setting up that second date.

Use your best judgment….. and remember that content offering a “universal, one size fits all” solution is not going to work in every case.

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