Successful flirting is something that many guys know the definition to…but not something that they actually do when in an interaction with a woman.

This can mostly be down to fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, or because of not knowing when and how to do it.

There are 3 Major Keys to Successful Flirting, and today I will shine a light on one of them:


It has been said that when we communicate with each other, that 70% of the message we convey is through body language alone.

23% is through tone of voice, and only 7% is the actual words we speak.

That means that if our body language is not lining up with our words…we will be sending the absolute wrong message.

What does body language include?

-Eye contact
-Standing and Sitting Posture
-Our movement

Body language forms the bedrock of how we communicate with the opposite sex. We need to have this stuff on point if we’re going to send the right message when we flirt.

What does good body language look like?

– Hold eye contact for a good amount of time, but not too long, as that can come across as intrusive. A good rule of thumb is to break eye contact for a short period every minute or so.

-Our movements should be smooth, and use an economy of motion. The less short, fidgety moves you make, the better. Fidgeting displays nervousness and uncertainty….not the message you want to be sending.

-Good posture is open and relaxed. This includes uncrossed arms, smile, open stance, open sitting posture and facing the person full on.

-Light touching (in appropriate and acceptable places) during a high point in a conversation can emphasize the idea that you are interested romantically. Combined with our words, this creates powerful flirting.

It is important that you do not go all out starting with touching inappropriate places. We want a date with a girl…..not a date with the cops.

In the next post, I’ll talk more about how to integrate using good body language together with our words and tone of voice.

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