OK guys, so now we come to the fourth and final Cornerstone of Attractiveness…

And it may be something you hadn’t thought of before.

The ideas of EMPATHY and WARMTH.

Now…if you listen to lot of other guys in the dating niche….they will downplay the importance of these ideas at best…

And straight up demonize them at worst….claiming that these traits are somehow “feminine” and that no “real man” should bother working on them.

I find views like this to be extremely short-sighted.

Because in the quest to be the biggest “Billy Bad-Ass” on Earth…these guys forget one thing….

That straight up cocky and macho behavior might impress and woo women in the first few moments….

But without the balance of the strength WITH the tenderness…women are likely to grow tired very soon.

Balancing this trait with the other three mentioned this week is something to strive for to keep strong healthy relationships going.

Too much aggressiveness and machismo….and you risk of being a complete asshole.

Too much empathy and warmth with no decisiveness, and you risk being a complete doormat.

It’s like Yin and Yang…..you need to nurture both of these (along with presentation and confidence) if you are going to maximize your attractiveness.

So what does Warmth and Empathy look like?

-It’s putting yourself in the shoes of your date….and being able to balance thinking about her comfort….her well being…her needs, as well as your own.

-It’s putting her at her ease, being able to come across as a friendly, sociable guy, who knows how to handle himself in a conversation.

– It’s being PRESENT in the moment (I did a post on this back in July), and being able to relax and enjoy the moment, not always thinking about what you’re going to get.

Next time you’re on a date….think about ways in which you can better accomplish these points.

What can you do to better show empathy and warmth?

Remember guys, balance is key in all things

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