Why DECISIVENESS and ASSERTIVENESS are so attractive.

When we hear the words “decisiveness” and “assertiveness,” one of the first things that comes to mind for a lot of guys is someone who is a disagreeable asshole…

Someone who only values his own wants and needs, and pushes for his way…without thinking of anyone else.

Think of a tyrannical CEO or a high school bully.

This description misses the mark, however.

Sure, assertiveness and decisiveness are all about knowing what you want and going for it.

But the mistake happens in thinking you have to mistreat others in order to get it.

There’s nothing wrong or “mean spirited” about knowing what you want, setting goals, confidently pursuing them, without letting anything stand on your way.

Assertive does not equate to asshole.

“But Michael…why is it important? Why do we need these traits?”

Try using empathy and putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal woman….

Is she the type of girl who is going to appreciate someone who doesn’t know what he wants…who doesn’t show desire and fortitude?

Or is she more likely to appreciate someone who takes the proverbial bull by the horns…and isn’t going to let the little bullshit in life drag him down?

On the other side….would you want a woman who can’t make a decision? Who always needs to be led around by the nose?

Assertiveness and Decisiveness are attractive because they show CONFIDENCE (tying in to yesterday’s post) and they show that you HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Nothing is more attractive than that.

How do you guys show assertiveness on your life? How do you think you should show it?

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