What does it take to be truly attractive?

Do you have to be some super badass “alpha bro” who walks and talks like a douchebag?

One limiting belief that always stuck to me like glue was the idea that if I wanted to be successful in my dating and social life….

I would have to change myself into a completely different person and “sell out” who I really was and wanted to be.

For years I struggled to take action…because I didn’t think it was possible to:

A) Find a great relationship and date amazing women, while
B) Being true to who I really was… a person who I liked, admired and valued.

But as I got more experienced….I discovered that the most important thing you can do on a date is to just make the other person FEEL GOOD, regardless of who you were.

When I dropped my pre-conceived beliefs, and went in without expectations and just had a good time.

I started getting a lot more dates (including second/third/fourth dates)

If your date feels positive, excited emotions around you…

They’ll want to see you again. It’s that simple.

“But Michael…How in the blue hell can we do this?”

In my experience, both with myself and coaching other guys, it really comes down to 4 things:


Notice there’s nothing here about money/height/status, etc.

That’s because…while those things can get you initial attention….they won’t be able to sustain anything meaningful long term.

With the above 4…you can get initial attention….AND sustain healthy, kickass relationships.

I’ll be covering each one of these in an upcoming post this week..so stay tuned!

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