Ever have one of those days where you have your mind set on something, but then at the last minute, you say “Meh….fuck it!”?

I remember one of these days not too long ago.

It was 45 degrees, rainy, and windy as hell.

Although I was wearing my parka, the wind kept blowing the hood off, leaving my head and face soaked.

A part of me really just wanted to go back inside, get some hot tea, and read a book. But I kept going……why?

Because the commitment I made to getting out and getting exercise was stronger than the discomfort I felt from the shit weather.

As I did this, I thought about how this applies to dating.

A lot of us say we want to improve our dating lives, get better at meeting people, go on more or better dates.

We claim to be willing to do more than what we’ve been doing to get the results we want.

But when push comes to shove….we don’t do it.

Because the uncertainty of stepping outside our comfort zones is stronger than our desire to getting the results we want.

So we go out to bars, meet ups, speed dating events, or maybe we try online dating. We dip our feet in the water, but never quite go all in.

And we end up back home, spending another night alone, wondering what the hell happened.

The bottom line is that until your desire to get results eclipses the desire for comfort and security…you will never truly progress.


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