Over the holiday, I found my mind wandering back to an analogy my old coach shared with me when I was feeling down about my dating prospects.

Imagine that each one of the roughly 4 billion women in the world are carrying a briefcase with them.

Every time you interact or talk with one of them, you get chance to look inside their own personal briefcase.

Most times, when you look, there won’t be anything there….it sucks, but such is life.

Sometimes, there will be a little bit of money inside the briefcase….$1000, maybe $10,000, surely enough to get you excited and to take the money, but not enough for you to make a living.

But occasionally, and there may be less than 100 total, you’ll find a woman who, when you talk to her and open her briefcase, she’ll have a billion dollars inside.

More than enough to make a great living from for the rest of our lives without having to work another day.

Now the money is just a metaphor….in fact, these “billion dollar” women have everything we are looking for in terms of what we want in an ideal partner.

Someone we think is sexy as hell, someone who gets us, someone who supports us, builds us up… someone who we share the exact same wavelength with.

The problem with a lot of guys (including me at that stage) was that I was so frustrated after meeting 30-40 “empty briefcases” in a row, I thought I was never going to get anywhere.

Here’s the thing, though….

If I was going to give up after #40, how shitty would I have felt if #41 had one of the billion dollar cases? I couldn’t accept that.

I had to ask myself a question……How important was this to me?

How important was it to find one of those women, as rare as they may be?

For me….it was extremely important. So I decided to go through as many false starts and dead ends as I needed to. And it was well worth the journey to end up with the person I’m with now.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a few things on my journey, so you don’t have to go through as many dead ends as I did.

So ask yourself…how important is finding someone ideal for you? What would it mean to have this person in your life vs. not having them?

If the answer is anything close to “Pretty Fucking Important, Michael,” then I encourage you to contact me so that I can show you how to find your billion dollar women much faster.

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